Membership Application

 “The Miyazawa Kenji Association: Ihatov Center” was established for the purpose of interaction and mutual understanding of people who love or study Miyazawa Kenji and his works, and also as a center of materials and information about Kenji.

Main Activities
  • Holding research presentations, symposiums, etc.
  • Holding workshops, lectures, etc.
  • Publication of magazines, newsletters, etc.
  • Collection and provision of materials and information
  • Information exchange between members, cooperation in research activities
  • Selection of Miyazawa Kenji Award and Ihatov Award
Membership Type and Fee
  • General Member
    Annual Fee: 3,000 yen
    ※ Free for elementary and junior high school students, and half price for high school and college students
  • Supporting Member
    Individual Member: 10,000 yen per share
    Group Member: 30,000 yen per share
    ※ A supporting member is an individual or a group that agrees the purpose of this association and supports its activities.
Membership Rights

 Members of this Association can participate in the projects sponsored by the Association, and can make presentations at research presentations or submit to journals. In addition, magazines and other informational materials will be distributed.


 Please join us at The Miyazawa Kenji Association: Ihatov Center.
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